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Agrison Tractors

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Agrison Tractors

You might be tempted to buy a Chinese tractor, simply by looking at the price tag associated with it, but when you are buying a machine like a tractor, you need to make sure that you do your research first. You need to be absolutely certain that the tractor you are investing in, will provide you with not only great performance, but also require very little from you, in terms of maintenance or repairs.

When you read any of the tractor Agrison reviews, you will come to realise that this is one of the best machines that your money can buy. And what is even better is that you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket, to buy one. The reason why the popularity of Agrison tractors has grown so much in the past few years is the fact that they are incredibly affordable.

What is even better about these tractors is that they are very accessory friendly, which means that you can transform your tractor into anything you want, by simply adding the appropriate accessory. So, if you want to till your land and create furrows, you can do that, or if you want to harvest your crops when they are ready, you can do that too. You could even transform your basic tractor into an Agrison loader, which means that you could automatically load your crops onto a wagon and have them transported to the barn or storage area, without you having to break a sweat!


Agrison Tractor: Provides High Powered Farm Implements with Loaded Features

Agrison Tractors

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Agrison Tractors

Farming was done manually in ancient times. Manual labour for invested to complete every single task. Manual fire was created in cooking food, use of hands to grind and grow crops, to the traditional means of digging and planting crops. But when tractors came along, heavy duty and manual farming tasks were instantly mechanized. Tractors are mechanical engineering device designed to deliver high torque at lower speeds. Its purpose is to haul a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or at construction sites. In addition, tractors is to perform as a farm vehicle which delivers high power and traction, which basically mechanizes arduous and manual tasks which are challenging and times consuming.

In the Australian market, where farming is so popular, manufacturers and suppliers of tractors and other farming implements Agrison Tractors are considered market leaders. Considering specific tractor use, let’s consider the example in conventional processes of farm tractors. Farmers are more inclined towards purchasing a farming tractor to automate farming activities which otherwise takes substantial time to be completed manually. Browse through any Agrison Tractor review, you will not be disappointed by the quality.

In compliance with International Standard ISO 9001:2008, Agrison Tractors cleared every quality tests. Agrison Tractor works towards delivering best quality and value without compromise. Thus, they promise you long-term benefits based on multi-functional usages at every step and turn in farming. Agrison tractor reviews are sufficient to deliberate that the leading tractor manufacturer offers specialized farm tractor which offer speed and accuracy in operation.


Agrison – A leading Name for Best Variety in Tractors


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What comes to your mind when the word farming is used? The thought immediately goes to farming implements and equipment, which are widely used in order to mechanize farming jobs. Narrowing down on agricultural implements, tractors are commonly what everyone knows about. This is because of its wide availability and reach in a farmer based market.

Tractors are convenient-filled machinery, which are commonly used by farmers for ploughing, tilling, spreading pest medicines and performing seed rotation tasks on vast acres of land. This versatile and powerful piece of machinery is used to cover large acreage land in a single day that too with spending on additional labour force.

In fact, the use of tractors is not limited to agriculture. Tractors are used for construction, engineering and domestic gardening as well. With such versatility, there are a number of tractors available today. Some are described with function below

  1. Garden tractors – These are small tractors commonly used by domestic or hobby farmers who are investing their time in hobby farming. At Agrison tractor reviews from hobby farmers will give a boost to your confidence about Agrison as well as starting up gardening.
  2. Backhoe loaders – these type of farmers are usually found at construction sites where heavy material is required to be transferred from short distances. These loaders are equipped with a loading framework in the front and backhoe in the rear.
  3. Bull Dozers are another common form of tractors, these are strong and sturdy tractors commonly available at Agrison, used for pushing and dragging. These are equipped with an arm and scoop system.

Agrison tractor reviews will bring you a clear view of what you are looking for based on the purpose and function of the task.


AG602 Dozer – Check out Agrison Review of Satisfied Customers

Agrison Tractor, Agrison Review

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We all seek some sort of validation in our purchase to give us that required confidence boost in making any kind of purchase. This goes true with every high-end purchase that involves a substantial amount of investment. Similar is the case of the purchase process undertaking looking for a perfect tractor or any farming implement in a wide market.

Let’s us take the example of Agrison AG602 Dozer, the powerful piece of farming equipment primarily used for farmlands and fruit orchards. Before buying this piece of machinery from the most trusted manufacturer and retailer of farming implements in Australia, every buyer needs to answer questions that arise from concern of buying the best tools for individual purpose.

In this case, any farmer will look through or garner sufficient information regarding features of a powerful machine like Agrison AG602 DOZER. Here are a few features that will help you understand tractors and other tools used in farming

  1. Offers a multifunctional feature based on a (2+1) x 4 component type gearbox, with multi speed, engagement sleeve shift, making it manipulation convenient.
  2. Adaptable multi-disc with a dry steering clutch and friction disc made from new material that enhances durability.
  3. Dry type master clutch with double discs, which are operated by spring and double function.

Besides its features, Agrison Tractor reviews are a reliable way to assess the quality of the vehicle. Testimonials in forms of Agrison Reviews are a perfect guide to enhance your confidence in buying machinery that will assist in fastening and simplifying tough farming jobs for you.


Various Purpose Agrison Tractors

Agrison Tractors

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Everything was done manually in ancient times. We have come a long way from the use of fire in cooking food, use of hands to grind and grow crops, to the traditional means of digging and planting crops. With various development worldwide, mechanical farming equipment were introduced that catered to the needs of growing society.

Food is the basic need, without which, mankind will not survive. Based on this realism, visionary minds invented machinery to help enhance the farming process. Equipment which has had a big impact on farming process is tractors which built primary to speed up or mechanize farming processes.

These were invented in order to assist in basic farming needs for instance, planting crops like rice, corn wheat and cotton. In practicality, it is quite difficult to plant cotton seeds in a land of hundred or two hundred acres. Now, with Agrison tractors you can leave behind worries about how long it would take to cover an entire field or land.

For any kind of farming job, the trick lies in identifying the kind of tractor one needs for their specific task. Investing in Agrison will bring your long term benefits as its usage is at every step and turn in farming. However, you will need to find the precise tractor or machinery that will fit the bill as per your specific requirement. With the specialized farm tractor, there primary advantage you get is of speed, thereafter, there is accuracy as well as convenience of operation.

In addition to specialized Agrison tractors, it is important to have competent and trained operators who are well-equipped with its function. Without a trusted operator or knowledge of operation, heavy-duty machinery like Agrison tractors is of no use to a farmer.

Considering specific tractor use, let’s consider the example in conventional processes of farm tractors. A regular tractor will assist in task such as plowing, pulverizing and treating the farm field. The function of a tractor is to prepare the land for seeds.  It must be remembered that manual operation is required at one point. Once the land is subject to planting crops, Agrison tractor assures water supply. On the other hand, specialized farm tractors maintain the growth of newly planted crops by pulling them out. During harvest season, Agrison tractors are the ones collecting the harvest and sending the bulk of harvest to the dealers. Furthermore, these are also the ones transporting it from the farm to the market.



A ‘Brilliant’ Machine for Moe Hobby Farmer


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MOE hobby farmer Joe Farrugia purchased an Agrison 45 horsepower Ultra G3 in 2012, and after 18 months of use, feels he owns a ‘brilliant’ machine.

Equipped with a backhoe and four-in-one bucket, Mr Farrugia uses the 45hp tractor to remove tree stumps, slash and cultivate.

“It’s an excellent machine for its cost – the value you get for your money is perfect,” Mr Farrugia said.

“I saw Agrison on the internet, so I went in and spent a bit of time there having a look, and took  the 45hp for a drive – I got back to them in a week later and bought it”.

Mr Farrugia described the in-store and after-sales assistance as impressive.

“The service was the best I have had when buying a tractor – it’s great value for money spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another tractor from Agrison”.




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Since purchasing an Agrison 75hp tractor to carry out his daily property maintenance activities, hobby farmer Marcus has not looked back.

Living on a 100 acre property, Marcus used to plow, mulch, remove weeds, fill land and split logs on a daily basis with just his pair of arms and very simple machinery.

After a while, Marcus realised things were getting too tough for him and it was time he invested in an affordable yet practical tractor and implements to carry out his activities.

Following some research, Marcus realised the top brands were over his budget and he needed a good package solution with a smaller price tag.

After hearing about Agrison from friends and discovering that the company offers affordable yet robust tractors, Marcus decided to pay Agrison’s headquarters in Campbellfield a visit.

“It had a lot of stock consisting of a wide range of different models, “he says.

“Everyone appeared open and friendly and willing to answer even the simplest of questions, which made us feel very comfortable.”

Marcus finally settled on Agrison’s 75hp tractor package and various implements including a log splitter and slasher.

He says the fact that the tractor retails for around one-third of the price of what other top brands are offering for a tractor of equivalent size and power is a “big plus”.

All in all, Marcus thinks his purchase has given him great value for money.

“The products are great, but they don’t come with that $80,000 price tag so you cannot expect $80,000 quality in all areas,” he says.

“Agrison is a great company with good hard working people.”